Fertilizer Treatments


Mountain’s Man Services has been providing landscaping products and services for many years. We believe that our customers deserve quality workmanship that stands up to the rigors of all seasons. We proudly service St. Charles, Batavia, Campton Hills, Geneva, Lily Lake, and West Chicago.

At Mountain Man Services, we help maintain the landscapes of residential properties and vacation homes. Our honest and reliable services ensure your lawns looks their best all year round.

Our fertilizing services mean your yard will look rich and healthy when the warm season approaches. We offer large herbicide spraying along with home fertilizer treatment plans.

Moutain’s Man Services provides a five-step fertilizer plan that includes:

  • Pre-emergent
  • Weed and Feed
  • Grub and fungus
  • Weed and feed
  • Winterize

Five steps to ensure your lawn is consistently rick and healthy. 

Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

When applied at the right time of year, pre-emergent fertilizer can cut back on unsightly weeds’ growth. Using pre-emergent herbicides means preventing the germination of weeds; in other words, stopping growth before it even has a chance to start. Pre-emergent products work to inhibit an enzyme necessary for the weed seeds to thrive. 

Pre-emergent fertilizer is essential to ensure your lawn’s longevity and overall health during the spring and summer months. 

Weed and Feed

Weed and feed refer to lawn products that kill weeds and promote healthy lawn growth at the same time. Specifically, it kills weeds that might inhibit grass growth and help grass absorb water better. It also provides nutrients the grass needs to grow.

Weed and feed fertilizer work to thicken lawn growth while stopping the growth of dozens of weed varieties. It is a professional strength weed killer to control broadleaf weeds such as curried dock, dandelions, and prickly lettuce. 

Grub and Fungus

As the name suggests, the grub and fungus step kill invaders that can bring disease to your lawn. A grub is a beetle larva. When they infiltrate your landscape, they can lead to ugly dead patches in your yard. On the other hand, lawn fungal disease appears as brown or yellow patches or wet, slimy areas in the grass. 

As with most things, the best cure is prevention. The grub and fungus steps are critical to lawn health and lifespan. 

Weed and Feed

Another round of weed and feed to keep your grass looking its best throughout the season until it is time to winterize. 


Lawn winterize products are the late fall fertilizer applications that we use to help lawns store food for the upcoming cold months. By storing food, grass has the necessary nutrients to return thick into the spring. The winterize product promotes rapid growth and rooting once the cold weather passes.  

Contact us today to find out more about our five-step approach to fertilizing your lawn. 630-741-8829